My name’s not Jed, but my shed is red

I’m not sure where ‘redshedjed’ came from, but if you google it you’ll probably find a user on a jeep forum with 1 post.  I needed a username and was tired of using the standard initials and last name sometimes with a birth year.  I have a red shed and I like to think I live in the sticks, ‘redshedjed’.  There it was.  

Naturally the next step was to make a website in a semi drunken stooper.  And here we are.  Redshedjed is going to house my [failed] projects, photos, and rants.  Beyond that I’m not quite sure.  The last time I made a website my internet connection involved a modem in my grandparent’s basement so I’m a bit rusty.    

It’ll be fine.


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