Indy and Back

20ish hours of traveling later we made it to Indianapolis and back.  Quick trip up to visit family.  We didn’t have much time to wander but I got to take The Boy to the zoo and experience the joy of a Kroger that sells jeans!

The Boy turns 1 soon so the Dritz family threw an awesome bday celebration for him and his cousin who are only off in age by one day.

There were balloons.

As it turns out, he is a fan of balloons, they are.. the best thing ever.

We made a quick pit stop at a large hole in the mountain to stretch before the final leg of the trip.

All in all a long few days but we made it there and back just fine.  Now to get ready for a little bday cookout.

3 thoughts on “Indy and Back

  1. Is that sidling hill? I’m having trouble coming to terms with how much time has passed… They need to stop getting older and we need to stop getting older…


  2. It is! I wanted to stop there and luckily somebody needed an emergency stop around the same time.


  3. Happy birthday Bruce! Love the sweet chubby cheeks!


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