Pumpkin Spiced Errything

Apparently it’s fall?  I wasn’t ready.  I’m still not sure how to use this website so in no particular order here are a few things I’ve done this week.

Shaved a dog.  Don’t worry she’s mine.  Her hetero life mate has since been enjoying a diet of clumped hair.  

Covered the pool, it’s ready for half a year of being a lawn ornament.  I don’t know if it was the extra high temperatures or my extra high level of laziness but I could not maintain a clear pool to save my life this year.  We hardly got any swim time in, super disappointing.  Better luck next year?  More to follow on ‘project pool’.. probably.

Drank a pumpkin spiced chai latte and it was wonderful.  I didn’t take a selfie or a photo of my cup for the instant gram but I imagine I looked like this.

Made a hamburger, also wonderful.

 Made a hamburger, it was awesome.

“Fixed” my riding mower which seems to be turning into a rat rod.

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