Project: CJH8

My second Jeep CJ is an ’85 (I think) CJ8 Scrambler, lovingly code named CJH8.  It’s rattle can black, rusted through everywhere, and semi-permanently parked behind my red shed.  

I found this gem on Craigslist for too much money advertised as rust free!  It was parked in Maryland where a gentleman had received it from a neighbor (to settle a debt) who was gifted it from his mom after his step father who owned it passed away.  It had traversed multiple states and was never re-titled.  All the red flags were in place, so I went ahead and bought it full price because I’m a big dumb.

My goal is to bring this bad ass truck back to life.  It did ‘run’ when I brought it home but it was nothing short of terrifying to drive and sent a shotgun blast through the holy exhaust when the engine cut off.  It’s also had ambitions of being a 2 cycle and as such kept a healthy mix of gas/oil.  I’m not sure it was supposed to do that.

So far I have successfully removed the drive train, taken the engine apart, and placed it in a box.  My hope was to do a quick and cheap rebuild on the 4 cylinder but that’s not going to happen.  For now the engine/transmission project is tabled. 

Time to move on to the rust bucket.  Next step will be to yank the body, set it on blocks, and pull the frame into the shop for repair.  It’s got one good section of rot that I know of, curious to see how much more there is.


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