Still Vertical

We’re home again!  Last week we packed the boy up and went to Indy for another few days.  Unfortunately it was a death in the family that brought us to Indy, but it was nice to see the whole Dritz family. 

This go ’round we opted for air travel.  Next time we’ll take a boat. 

Despite his ear infection The Boy had a great time hanging out with the cousins Dritz, or his 2nd cousins thrice removed.  

Fun fact of the day: If you travel with a baby you can bring anything you want on an airplane!

It’s been a rough few weeks personally with death in the family, a crushed (Kia) Soul, food poisoning, and an ear infection, but it’s hard to even think about my problems after the events in Vegas.  A lot to think about and process but I’ll try to stick to posting about my failed projects and other such fun, you don’t need news or a political editorial from me.

Next time I hope to bring a much more interesting post.  Based on how this week is tracking it will likely include highlights of bleeding my baseboard heating system, fixing or throwing away a pressure washer (that I made more broken yesterday in a fit of rage), and mowing my lawn.

I’m not sure my life is quite interesting enough to blog about but don’t think for a second it’s going to stop me.  The only thing that can stop me is my pure lack of motiva

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