Beer And BBQ and A See Saw

Happy Sunday my 3 loyal readers!  Not much for you today, don’t act surprised.

I met a buddy for beer, food, and plotting today at Heritage Brewery in Manassas.  I’d never been before.  The place is pretty cool, beer was good and everybody was really nice.  What’s going to bring me back however is the food truck out front which was accompanied by a large trailer containing what I’m pretty sure was a propane tank turned smoker.  It’s the Department of Smoke. 

I had their pork tacos and went back for more but they ran out of food (they were planning for the rain that didn’t happen).  Anyway the bbq was amazing, and not just by food truck standards.  It was really freaking good.  I want more now.

More to come on the ‘plotting’ part of the trip later, hopefully I’ll report on a successful and cool project in time for Halloween.  More than likely I’ll post an angry rant about it.

After some good beer and better food it was project time!  This one was a solid 10 minutes and it shows, but the goats don’t care.  Just had to take a trip to the spare fence pile followed by a trip to the spare tree pile.  A quick log roll over to the goat pen, few hits with an axe (and sledge hammer), a dozen nails, and BAM!  Goat See Saw.

 Bam Bam liked it so much he punched me in the crotch, that's love.
Bam Bam liked it so much he punched me in the crotch, that’s love.


2 thoughts on “Beer And BBQ and A See Saw

  1. Lol omg this is amazing!


  2. Wait, when did you guys get goats ?!? And you so have more than 3 readers 😝


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