“You’re Fired”

The following should not be construed as a confession for HR purposes.  

I totally did it and it was hilarious.

Try as I might I didn’t hear “you’re fired” as a siren alerted passersby that my boss got got.  There’s always next time.

My boss was out of the office half of the week last week.  A few instigators (who happen to be in charge of most of what happens around me) decided a prank was in order and that I needed to help.  The idea?  Wire up a computer mouse to trigger a siren.  Once the button is clicked the siren doesn’t stop.  Seems annoying enough.

As luck would have it I already had most of the parts from a recent spare parts giveaway at work.  I’m sure they’ll think twice next time.  

Here’s the build (which I forgot to document in any decent fashion):

Step whichever; hack apart relay board so the important bit (the relay) can be shoved into the siren case. 

I feel like there were several steps after ‘step whichever’ but I didn’t document my soldering and resoldering wires to the relay.  It happened.

The mouse button trigger took a few tries.  Unfortunately the digital multimeter I used to test it the first time didn’t tell me there was ‘kind of’ a short.  Every time I hooked the mouse up the siren went off.  I ended up borrowing a different meter from my brother and saw the problem.  Using my years of knowledge and skills in modifying integrated circuits I borrowed a dull razor knife and chopped the circuit apart 

Once I got the circuit working I shoved everything in the siren case and filled it up with hot glue.  I figured it may need to sustain an enraged hit or two.  The two long screws hold the thing closed and take a decent amount of time to undo after one locates their screwdriver in a drawer full of packing peanuts.

The Princess sticker was a great addition from one of the instigators.  I was worried my boss wouldn’t click his mouse, but instead realize it was disconnected by moving it back and forth.  The sticker ensured an accidental click when peeling it off.  

Here’s the finished product mounted neatly below the desk.  The mouse in this photo is running to the laptop dock above just in case somebody decided to be extra observant.  The scotch tape is structural.

I was running late this AM since I forgot my laptop, nothing like driving to work twice!  Made it in the door slightly after a text stating ‘the eagle has landed’.  Just in time!  The device worked like a charm and the reveal was hilarious.  We muffled the siren so it didn’t have a good heart attack factor but it was definitely annoying so we left the boss to wire tracing and deconstruction.  It only went on for a few glorious minutes.

Now I get to enjoy the best part of the prank, the daily fear that everything in my office is rigged to go off at any moment.  Worth it.


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