Watch closely, the fingers never leave the hands

It was a nice day here on the shed front, got a few things done, took some pictures, posted it on the internet.

To the junk pile!  I made a little bridge for the goats that I’m pretty sure they have no interest in.  I’ll 3/4 ass it next time and make a proper shakey bridge.

The red shed is messy..

..really messy

The inside mess was a little overwhelming so I moved to the back of the shed where weeds and grass have been growing over crap I’ve left out for a year or three.  I’ve successfully moved the crap from the back of the shed to the side of the shed.  Now that’s what I call progress.

Took a little break from outside work to put something together for the super awesome Halloween decoration.  This little guy will either flash lights or burn my house down.. or both!  And yes if you’re wondering, running lamp cord into an outdoor box stuffed with a 120v outlet and a 12v relay is to code as is the foam face plate.  Hey if you look closely you can see a piece of my last project, maybe that’s why my shed is so damn messy.

Aand the title track.  I’m still trying to clear out the big logs from the side of my house.  I fired up the little Poulan with it’s super dull blade and managed to cut the nubbins off of this log.  Now I can roll out into the goat pen to be with its log brethren.  The down side is the awesome chain saw vibrated so hard that my hand swelled up nice and puffy.  I’m not sure if that’s solely due to my inability to properly sharpen a chain saw blade, or if the fact that that the saw is junk played a factor.

After log cutting fail-0-1 the boy came out to help!  He’s lousy with an axe just like his old man so we moved to the front lawn, picked weeds, learned new words, and heckled neighbors.  


If tomorrow provides as much tantalizing material as today did I’ll post again!  If it doesn’t, I’ll post something anyway!


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