Safety Dance!

This morning at the bright early hour of 10ish I was sipping my 14th coffee when I looked up and saw the boy showing off a newly acquired skill, stair climbing!  This is the same kid who has had almost no interest in movement not facilitated by an adult for the past 13 months.  I suppose it was inevitable.  

Lockdown engage.

Leave it to the boy to understand my methods and find the drawers I decided weren’t worth my time.  I’ll get those later..


Side note: Check this nonsense out!  If I ever get famous I might get sued by a bicycle brand.  Also this trike is super awesome and the boy is definitely getting one when he’s big enough.

After a long day of ensuring the boy doesn’t have access to our pots and pans a good buddy showed up with a brand new very used Chinese dune buggy.  The boy approves.  SAFE-T.  It runs and drives but I have quickly learned that in Chinese ‘Neutral’ means ‘Reverse’ and ‘Reverse’ means ‘Reverse’.  Basically don’t rev the engine if there’s anything in front of or behind you. 

What could possibly go wrong?


1 thought on “Safety Dance!

  1. Lol! The Chinese reverse and reverse cracked me up!


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