First Loser

Here it is folks!  Time for the yearly office Halloween decorating contest.  Last year with the help of a row of coworkers we built a pretty kick ass castle.  Not kick ass enough for a 1st place finish but it was awesome.  I’ve been scouring phones and the internet for a picture of the castle but can’t find one!  Must have scrubbed the records in disgrace.

So after way too many hours of programming, troubleshooting, and reformatting SD cards I present my rip off of Stranger Things lights in the upside down.  The lights are 8211 LED strings straight outta China.  They’re attached to a sheet that my mom so kindly donated to the cause.  And yes I did the painting and ‘sewing’ myself.  I even managed to not get any paint on the carpet!  I’ve also got lights across the ceiling that flash along with the alphabet lights.  The whole thing is controlled by a pi.  It runs through different flashy patterns and then displays random words or phrases letter-by-letter while playing scary noises.  To make it interactive you can text a number and it will display whatever you send.  All in all I think it turned out awesome.


We can’t all be winners, but second place almost paid for the pi so maybe I overreacted when I yelled ‘I QUIT’ and stormed to the exit.

This is going to suck to take down.

Most of those wires are probably just for aesthetics.

On an unrelated note, here’s the boy all ready for photo day at day care!


1 thought on “First Loser

  1. Can i get my lights back next weekend? I think I want to put them up in my living room.


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