I Was Born a Poor Black Child

I didn’t realize this outfit still existed.. but my mom gave it back to me recently.  She made this along with tons of other outfits.  This was my favorite and it’s still awesome.  I can’t wait for the confused look we get when The Boy is rocking this number.

 Feast Your Eyes
Feast Your Eyes

So this weekend’s project was to hang up the new TV.  It’s going to be a short read because it went surprisingly well.  We moved the TV to the opposite wall from where it used to be, and right now we’re clueless about how to setup furniture so it’s not ridiculous looking.  Oh well, TV is awesome and free of snow fall effects!  For the moment the sound bar is sitting on top of the TV.  Any suggestions for that thing?

It may look like I left a cabling mess.. but it was a long day and I was tired by the time I got everything working.  So fine I guess I left a mess.  I’ll post a follow up when I make this beautiful.  To support the TV I added power and 2 coax cables (1 for the antenna and 1 for cable) as well as a pass through.  It’s all in the front closet which is on the right side of the TV.  Cable modem, input box, and playstation are on the shelf above.  Nothing for the boy to reach (for the moment) and no cables to pull on.


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