She’s a Brick.. Shit House

Greetings from the slowly rotting shed that is red. 

Project CJH8 aimlessly pressed forward today. This time the juice of productivity was Bermudan rum and Charlottesville pale ale. 

I find it’s important to set a goal every time I’m in my shed working. Today’s goal: clean up the trash. As with most goals mine naturally evolve and before long I found myself and eventually my buddy Ken from Bermuda removing the remaining drivey bits from underneath the rust catacombs.

By the power of gray skull, a 2 foot breaker bar, and a 20 pound sledge we got decently far.  Progress would have been better if the torch didn’t run out of gas and the impact gun didn’t decide to call it quits but that’s the way it goes.

We removed the back end and about half of the front. After Ken left for the day I took another stab at it and got all but one bolt out. 

F that one bolt in particular.

Every bolt on this thing is corroded beyond recognition, but also in a fashion that makes disassembly impossible. This thing actually got stronger with age.. if you ignore the large holes everywhere.

Stay tuned on red shed for more; TALES, OF, INTEREST! 


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