Lieutenant Dan You Got No Legs

It’s a pivotal day in the saga of project ‘why the Hell am I doing this?’. Ken from Maine stopped by again to finish the removal of the Jeep legs and other extraneous bits.  The frame now sits on the floor with just one or two brackets remaining.

Both of the shock mounts were packed with crud and brought a piece of the frame with them out of spite. 

My dogs are always trying to help..

Isn’t it a thing of beauty?

I’m proud of myself. Most Craigslist ads for failed jeep restorations don’t have the jeep in nearly as many pieces as mine. Can you really call it quits if you haven’t finished failing all the way? To quote my mom from my yearly birthday card, ‘I don’t half ass my mistakes’.

I am now accepting donations of jeep parts.  I would prefer an entire vehicle, preferably running and in good working order.

Have I mentioned that my experience in the automotive industry is limited to a short lived stent as a lube and battery tech at Sears? By field experience I’m technically more qualified to assist with a nuclear reactor refueling or with the mass murder of mosquitos. I’m not sure if I’m helping my case here.


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