Shitter’s Broke

Once upon a time (4 years ago) I renovated a small bathroom. All three bathrooms in my house were beaten with multiple ugly sticks over their 50+ year lifespan. They also mostly don’t work.  Who needs working bathrooms. This is bathroom 1, the half bath, the powder room, the place where my guests poop and where my dog likes to get her water.

As you can see, it’s a bathroom.  Ugly but functional. 

Step 1: Remove toilet and place out back on the deck. Contemplate project and remember that you have no idea what you’re doing. 

Step 2: Destroy layers of ugly floor. Bottom layer required a large pry bar.  The nice thing about 1″ think concrete on metal is that it comes up in one big piece! 

Step 3: Admire progress and ignore that nagging voice reminding you that you’re in too deep. 

Step 4: Subfloor on top of Subfloor, and cement board on top of that. 

Step 5: Tile! I worked from the door because I wanted the first tile lined up with it all pretty like. 

Step 6: Patch up old medicine cabinet, don’t need guests snooping around my good meds. 

Step 7: Cut hole in wall, add support for toilet paper holder, patch. Be sure to completely miss the backing when attaching the toilet paper holder so it will slowly fall off the wall over the next several years. 

Step 8: Admire

Step 9: Take photos as if the project is done! 

Turns out I never took any photos of the completed project. Here’s a few things I learned. I’m not great at tile. I should use a stud finder. My drywall patching, painting, and trim work skills are garbage. Don’t leave a toilet sitting on a foot of snow. When the snow melts your toilet will fall over and break. Caulk ‘fixes’ anything (4 years, toilet still hardly leaks out the side where it cracked).

Here it is years later all mostly done. I have to fix the support for the crapper shelf and reinstall the toilet paper holder some day. 

2 bathrooms to go! 


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