Swiss Made Deck Enlarger

Happy Sunday dear readers. It’s been a wild ride of a weekend consisting mainly of a small child screaming at the top of his lungs and not sleeping. In spite of that I’ve made a lot of progress on the things that matter – Goat Cam. Get ready folks this is going to be big. A fully interactive online goat feeding experience complete with a live twitter feed. Since I don’t have a post ready for that project, here’s another flash back post.

It was the summer of 2016, and it was time for the deck to reach out and touch the pool. The plan was to put together about an 8′ x 4′ extension so the family could enjoy the white trash deluxe outdoor bathtub without putting in the effort to walk down the deck stairs, through the gravel, through the dog poop land mine field, into the mulch, and finally up and down the pool ladder.

I only wanted to extend a walkway to the pool because the deck is big enough and the more I add the more I have to maintain.

I spent a lot of time putting together very nice CAD drawings to submit to the county for my permit. I walked them in and it took the kind lady about 2 minutes to reject them. The next half hour was spent redrawing, modifying, and explaining how ladders work. It was extremely frustrating, and way too expensive. The permit cost more than the damn materials.

I went shopping for lumber with the assistance of my uncle (by assistance I mean he told me not to build this all stupid like). I half listened. 

Anywho once I had all the materials, fully stamped drawings, and a fancy permit I was off to dig 2 holes.. 2 friggin holes. Digging in this area is interesting because the water table is about 1-2′ down. So 1 foot in and I’m into wet heavy gray clay. That was miserable and I was thrilled to only be digging 2 holes for this massive extension. I called for an inspection. Luckily the inspector was cooler than his counterparts in the office. He understood that there wasn’t shit I could do about the water except suck it out and dump concrete in, so that’s what I did.

It was mostly smooth sailing after that. Added a new beam. Sistered up the joist extensions with some good heavy duty hardware. Bent the hell out of the rim joist to follow the pool. Screwed it all together. Believe it or not I also attached deck board and built a new railing and gate. 

You may notice that the existing deck boards look like Hell. I couldn’t afford to redo the whole deck, plain and simple. But I should have. Next time? Nope.

I really don’t know how to take a picture when I finish a project, so here’s a picture of my family at the beach. 

That’s right, absolutely zero satisfaction from reading a redshed post, no wonder my numbers are dwindling.

When the snow and goat poop thaw, and when I feel like it, I’ll take some photos of the ‘finished’ product.


1 thought on “Swiss Made Deck Enlarger

  1. Did that this weekend? Too cold for me outside


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