Big news!  Goat cam is live and sometimes it even works!!  I’m still ironing out the kinks but right now I’ve got decent quality video at 1 frame per 2 seconds.  The current setup has my pi pulling images from the camera and dishing them out to the mysterious cloud on demand (very, very low demand).

Are you seeing a picture but the date is old?  It’s broke, sorry.  If there’s no picture here’s some handy dandy troubleshooting tips:

  1. Don’t use the facebook browser (sorry to alienate everybody who clicked on the link)
  2. Clear your cookies and history, make sure the page is http:// and not https://.  Sorry the goat cam is insecure.

I’m hoping to get the software stable before I get bored with this project and move on to the next one.  Fat chance.

If you bother to click on the link and aren’t to A.D.D. to scroll down you might notice a big fancy button and a twitter feed.  That’s right, my goats have twitter.. or a bot that tweets for them.  When I get around to it I’m going to hook up a treat dispenser that you can control through the powers of the interweb.  You can also fill in your name, twitter account, and or social security number and the goats will turn around and plaster that nonsense all over the twitterverse (don’t worry they don’t have any followers yet).  The Hell you say?  Correct.  I am trusting the quality of my goats twitter with the terrible awful people of the internet.

Again I ask.. what could go wrong?


Cover image shameless borrowed from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=If5tcMVtij0

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