Goin Green Up in Here

Somehow in the wake of massive amounts of progress I forgot to waste the world’s time telling you about my weekend. It’s probably because the story is short and boring mostly due to it being one of success. 


It was several days before the weekend.. I don’t remember how many, I’d have to check the receipt. Anyway I was wandering the aisles of Lowe’s buying salt in various forms when I came across the clearance section. They had a small pile of their house brand LED lamps so I snagged one. You see, a year or three ago I changed a light bulb in my kitchen lamp and lost the golden nut that holds the ugly glass globe to the ugly gold base. Every now and then I have been reminded that 2 light bulbs hanging from the kitchen ceiling is ugly. So I bought the discount lamp, went home, and slapped that bad boy up. Let there be light! Kiss my ass florescent! It’s a very basic light fixture but the wife and I both like it and it’s great having a little more light in there.


Unfortunately the new LED light made the rest of our old ugly gold and ornate glass dual bulb fixtures stand out like smashed thumbs. Back to Lowe’s! By the time I got back they only had 4 of the lamps left, I needed 8. I opted for a slightly smaller / thinner model that was not on clearance but cost the same price as the first one. Brought them home and slapped them up over the weekend. Little thin LED lamps everywhere. We both agree that we like the kitchen lamp better but our hallways, stairways, and basement are all lit up now. The inherent problem with more light is it casts a spot light on the shitty ‘we need to sell this house’ paint job that came with the place and that we’ve been hiding from. I might get around to that by 2020. Don’t count on it. The additional light also cast more shadows on the living room where we have never had a ceiling light but we’ve had the same ceiling fan since we moved in. We hauled over to the Habitat Re-Store to look for a lamp or fan (which per Google was open on Sundays) which was not open on Sunday so we rerouted to Home Depot. After letting the boy try out all of the kitchen appliances we did 15 laps around the fan section and settled on a winner. It actually installed relatively easily and doesn’t even look like crap. More light! Also I didn’t take pictures, but picture this in your minds eye; lamps and a ceiling fan.


At this point I’ve replaced or added 19 light fixtures/fans to the house. I think there’s 5 left inside to be replaced and we’ll be out of whatever hellish decade this stuff came from (if you don’t count the pink bathroom, I haven’t showed you that yet have I?). Also a side note, the whole time I’ve been replacing perfectly functioning lights this little gem has been dangling begging for mercy. Next time!


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