Based on the sharp downward turn of page views after my last post it’s probably safe to conclude a few things:

  • The link must have been broken
  • My friends have abandoned me
  • The topic of lamp installation doesn’t do it for the masses
  • The title and cover picture were confusing

I have fixed none of those things. The title has almost nothing to do with the post. The content of the post is boring at best. And I installed another lamp just to piss you off!

You’re still reading though hoping for a glimmer of humor on this Monday morning. 

To kick off this worst day of the week I’ll explain the title. I fell in the friggin dirt. I was out with the boss, the boy, and a friend and her kids. We were on a perfectly safe paved walking path, walking in a fairly straight line. I was pushing said friend’s kid #2 (she doesn’t actually call the child kid #2) in the stroller (back tracking, I don’t know for a fact that she doesn’t call the child kid #2). For some reason I got it in my head that I, a grown ass man, did not require the safety of the paved walking path. I turned to say something and in the process stepped backwards into the grass. What happened next was so insignificant in the timeline of my life that it doesn’t warrant writing about but damn it I need content. I slipped and fell! I think I lost traction 2 or 3 times on the way down the muddy embankment (I can call it that because you weren’t there and don’t know how not steep it actually was), and by the reactions of the two women at the top it was hilarious. Child #2 probably found it a little less hilarious since the stroller went down with me. Don’t worry, kid was fine, stroller went backwards and she stayed safely strapped into the seat the whole time. I emerged caked in mud with significant pride lost but I survived the incident. Never again will I stray from the paved path set before me. Let that be a lesson to you kids; stay inside the lines. Conform!

Prior to my near death experience we had a lot of fun on the playground, and to prove that the boy enjoyed himself here’s photographic evidence (you can tell I didn’t take these, they’re in focus).

The Boy and The Boss

If you enjoyed the first half, quit now while your’e ahead. It does not get better from here.







I’ll wait..







Still here?








So as a die hard fan, reader, supporter, and goat cam watcher you’ve probably noticed that goat cam is down. I’m in the process of testing some other camera options and hope to have it back up in running in a week or so. I also need to get the treat dispenser going, I haven’t forgotten about it, just have a lot of deep couch sitting to get done.

Projects this weekend weren’t the greatest but I needed to get a few things done.

First, I built a gate! It’s made out of my brother’s old fence aka rotten wood and re-used screws so I’m sure it will hold up for the long haul.

Isn’t it beautiful?! No? But it opens and closes so mission accomplished!

Next I turned my attention to the train wreck that is the front closet. When I put up the new TV I wanted to hide all of the hardware and cables. To accomplish this I shoved everything in the closet behind the TV and shut the door. Not the most elegant solution.

To clean it up a bit I got a few more of those fancy wire shelves and slapped them up.

I feel like it looks more organized in person. At least everything isn’t above my head now! 

Finally there’s that pesky lamp that fell off of the wall. 

It’s back on the wall!

Don’t worry I’m almost out of lamps to install. This can’t go on forever.


cover image shamelessly borrowed from popsugar via google images

1 thought on “HIT THE DIRT!

  1. I’m sorry for being like THE worst friend in the world lol .. Also, her new term of endearment might start to be "child #2" haha


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