Potato Bell

“It’s a promotion, take it”

 That’s what the gentleman at the Taco Bell drive thru window said to me. At least that’s what I think I heard. Or.. that’s what I think I remember thinking I heard. Should have written it down.

Regardless, it was weird. I ordered a delicious two dollar pile of beef, cheese like substance, and flaming red corn chips, all wrapped up in a delicious tortilla.

I pulled up to the window.. you know the second window? Because no double windowed fast food joints still use the first window. That’s where they keep their coats and surplus food. I gave the girl two dollars cash money and she gave me a dime. Transaction one complete.

Then this dude shows up out of nowhere and tries to hand me a small thing of fries with some kind of sauce. “Not for me” I say. “It’s a promotion, take it” he says.

Take it I did, and ate those fries I did. They came with delightful yellow cheese sauce. Delicious. I would definitely eat them again for free. 

2/5 (which equals roughly 5/5 on the taco bell scale)


No I simply couldn’t damage red sheds integrity in that manner. Unless it were for money. 

Next time I’ll return to my standard format of complaining and then showing off a fairly insignificant project.  

You people play your cards right you may even see the INTERNET CONTROLLED GOAT FEEDER!!!!

Or.. maybe a detailed recapping of my gutter cleaning adventures.

Oh yeah.. the cover image, it had nothing to do with anything.  Here’s the boy rocking out animal style.




2 thoughts on “Potato Bell

  1. My son is interested in starting a Baby Metal band that’s not named Baby Metal.


  2. I believe that is the dad living vicariously through the boy and his goats.


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