Have A Weekend!

It’s been a good weekend. Before you join the masses and reconvene to the misery that is Monday you should read about my weekend.

Day 1: Saturday

My parents and little sister Sushi came over to visit the goats and say hi to The Boy. It was a nice little visit. 

After they left we packed up and hauled off to the twin of my high school where they were hosting a sweet county band concert. My little brother Shuffles killed it on the trumpet! From there we stopped in at Home Depot and actually got to see our potential future appliance color!

Check it out, delightfully neutral isn’t it!?  Don’t mind the price tag I believe we are going for a less fancy model.

We also picked out a few more floor samples for the kitchen and I think we’re nearing a decision on cabinet type and colors. More to come on that later..

Oh yeah we saw this pile of awesomeness. Not pictures is his copilot which was a dog wearing goggles. I should have tried harder, it was bad ass.

Finally it was off to Buffalo Wild Wings for some sweet junk food and coloring book activity time.  

Day 2: Sunday

My buddy Ken from Newfoundland picked me up in the AM and we hauled off to his friend’s super cool log cabin in the woods. I thought they cut down enough trees given the construction of the house but nooope. We spent the morning cutting down a few trees with axes. It was pretty cool, I’ve never done that before. One of the trees was partially rotted and wanted badly to go the wrong way. I was less than quiet about my concerns (the entire time) but we got it down safely and where intended. There’s always next time.

 Our mysterious host.
Our mysterious host.
 Ken from Albuquerque.
Ken from Albuquerque.
 Jed (I tried to zoom in but my kind website hoster is being a real p.o.s. right now)
Jed (I tried to zoom in but my kind website hoster is being a real p.o.s. right now)

After trees, burgers, and beers it was back to the homestead. One of my many other brothers stopped in with The Boy’s twin cousins. They played, are macaroni, beat the drums, and didn’t break that many things!

And now I’m here, watching the Curse of Oak Island and recapping my weekend. That’s all I’ve got to say about that. 

Wait wait I lied!! I have more to say about that. I changed up the goat cam. It’s now streaming live 24/7 or whenever the hell it feels like on my channel. Unfortunately I can’t embed the video so I may still look into other options. I also started work on the goat treat feeder so that’s definitely happening! Ok you can go now I’m really done.


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