Now that goat cam is live and semi stable it’s time to move to goals 2 and 3.  Internet controlled goat feeder, and instant internet fame.

To achieve internet fame I turned to the trusted people of imgur…  I posted a link last night and happily only received 2 down votes, and 3 upvotes (1 was me) for a net result of +1!!  Got over 150 views too!  That’s views of the photo of Pebbles, not the actual goat cam.  Anyway I consider the effort a flop, but it was not the only flop of the evening!

I also put in a half assed attempt to complete the goat feeder. I borrowed a coffee dispenser from work and made a few minor modifications that are probably totally reversible. Trimmed up the little rubber flappers for easier spinnability, chopped off the handle, attached a servo to it with glue and paperclips, and secured the whole lot with cardboard and zip ties.

From there I moved into testing. Happily I was able to quickly program and test the servo, no issues so far. Then I dumped in the delicious licorice flavored goat treats and the fail began. The tiny servo motor was no match for the chunky goat treats and after several tests all of the internal bits and pieces were stripped clean. Now the motor just whirrs and nothing happens.

Fear not my fellow readers, this project is not dead, it’s just in need of more donated parts. I’ll figure something out.. or get bored and move on to the next project.


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