I may have an obsession

Holy Hell we made it to another Friday!

Feel free to press play and start your day off the same way I am.

Here’s your Friday morning redshed briefing:

Goat cam is running decently, I had a bit of a crash yesterday but fixed it up this morning.

Goat feeder is down for the count but the fix is being outsourced (more to come?).

Kitchen remodel is.. have we talked about that yet? I’ll come back to that this weekend or never.

CJH8 is right where I left it, I’m working on gathering up all of its guts into a single pile that I can cover in a tarp in hopes of thwarting off any more rust. Can rust rust? 

Projects for this weekend? Besides cleaning the house (anybody want a write up on that?) I’m going to try and get some more cameras up around the goat pen with NIGHT VISION!!! That’s right people, you will be able to goat stalk 24/7. I found out recently that there are other people already live streaming their goats so i have to do everything I can to one up these people. That includes night vision, the ability to feed the goats, tweets from goats, perhaps interviews with the goats? A bigger structure for the goats to frolic on? An underground lair for them?! GoPro goat POV?? What do I have to do to win the battle of the live streaming goats?

I need ideas folks! More!!!


1 thought on “I may have an obsession

  1. We want you to build that goat turrit…the one with the 4×10 stairs winding around it. The fact that it would eat into 50% Of your kitchen budget is not relevant.


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