Here we go again.. again

What things did I say I was going to do this weekend?

Hopefully I didn’t make any firm commitments to the people of the internet last week because I definitely did not follow through on anything.

Instead of doing ‘things’ I kicked the weekend off at the brewery with Ken from Intercourse, PA and a man in overalls. Beer was good, food was awful, that’s how it goes when you buy food from a stranger in a truck who can just take his business elsewhere once everybody realizes it’s no good.

This weekend’s challenge was fixing all the damage I’ve done to the home network with project goat cam. My wife aka the boss has this fancy exercise bike that lets you bike along with trainers in NYC, unless your husband has screwed up the internet.

After a 2 day losing battle I contacted Comcast.. The hardest part of dealing with them was convincing them I did not want to pay less and get more, I know I must be broken. It’s like I’m holding out from signing a multi year commitment in case their competitor ever gets their asses down to my end of the block.

After several attempts to convince the tech support / sales person Onomatopoeia ran me through some basic troubleshooting which showed my wifi was garbage (test speed, now plug it in and test speed, viola). I hauled off to Best Buy only to realize it was 9:30 in the morning and they don’t open til 11. I abandoned the giant blue box and went to Target instead.

Boring story cut short – new wifi router installed, working, and passing through all of the cloud required to stream goat cam on 2 tv’s and a few phones/tablets while doing a live treadmill run and live bike ride.

Great success.

Oh yeah I also put up another camera, Goat Cam 1.5! I’m going to put up a 3rd one in their little hut and then either overlay cameras in a grid or switch from one to the next.

No progress on goat feeder, it’s still sitting on my desk waiting.

And now.. well now it’s Monday and I should probably be at work so I’m going to hop on that gravy train.



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