The Hell You Say?

Wait wait.. what the Hell is this? Posting 2 days in a row? Too much Jed, too much.

See the problem is I tend to wait until I feel like I have something to write about.. or if it’s been too long I’ll try to regurgitate something so I don’t let this thing die.

If I want more visitors (Do I really care? I don’t know.) I’m going to have to move to a more active posting regiment.

I need a system, because just saying I’ll be more active will result in the fastest failure possible. Perhaps something different brought to you each day? Yes if I create a plan there’s a good chance I’ll stick to it for more than one day.  I may even make it to Thursday.

Monday – Memes – You’ve probably seen them before, they might be old and they’re certainly not original, but I will recycle for your entertainment! Or I’ll forget and just bitch about starting another work week.

Tuesday – Damn it nobody likes Monday’s short cousin, come back to me

Wednesday – What do you people do all week anyway? I go to work, it’s very boring. If you want to hear more about that and many other things go see Mike and tell him to post another episode!!!

Thursday – We’re getting closer to something that resembles a topic..

Friday – The ‘plan’ – Yes, the official plan that will be immediately ruined at the start of Saturday morning

Saturday – I don’t know if I want to talk to you on Saturday

Sunday – The failure ‘recap’ – You should be familiar with this one by now

There we have it, a 7 step plan to success!

[note to self, finish coming up with a plan before posting this]

With a solid model like this there’s no way for me to mess up, just stick to the plan.

I feel like what I’m really doing is finding out how much crap I have to post before my friends and family decide they are done clicking on my stupid links. Phase I is a loss of readers but a steady flow of ‘likes’ on Fbook. Phase II is a loss of likes and the downfall of the website. If I reach phase II by August I don’t have to pay for another year of web hosting!!

There you have it, I just wasted 20 minutes writing this and you wasted 2 skimming it. You’re welcome, now keep scrolling through that there internet and don’t forget about me tomorrow!


[I can’t remember where I stole the cover image from, but here’s google’s best guess:

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