Tripping Balls

I may be a humble made up character named Jed from the homestead with a red shed but I was at the local gas station and bingo hall refilling my coffee when I overheard talk of some maniac launching a horseless carriage into the sky with a driver who is going to circle around the sun until the dinosaurs come back!

Oh wait queued up the wrong viddeo.. this is what I was going for:

Happily I did not hear about the launch at the gas station, that was a lie. I lie to you all quite a bit.

A coworker sent an email just a few minutes before the launch of Falcon Heavy and I was lucky enough to watch the whole thing live. If you haven’t watched it yet the video is just a few lines down and I highly recommend it. It’s nothing short of surreal watching 2 building size structures descending from space and landing simultaneously without exploding.

I spent last evening nerding out, rewatching the launch, and watching the conference afterword with Elon ‘Tripping Balls’ Musk. The dude is a mad man and it’s awesome, can’t wait to see BFR or Dragon. To the moon!

On a completely unrelated note.. I want to buy another camera lens to hopefully get me back into the fun of taking photos and oversharing them / cramming them down your throat (when I’m not oversharing ‘goat cam’).

I tried to impulse buy last night but couldn’t do it!

I have a Canon T6s and the only lens I have is the 18-135 it came with although it’s pretty damn handy.

I’ve been thinking about getting a lensbaby for quite some time.. and apparently it’s been a long time because their product line is completely different now from the last time I looked. Their claim to fame is fancy adjustable tilt shift like focus adjustment with complete manual control, but for a fraction of the price. Apparently they’re also unveiling the next big thing on 2/15 so if I decide to go with one of their lenses.. I’ll have to wait to see what the next big thing is.

Any thoughts / advice from my photography loving friends on a good lens to expand my horizons? While I enjoy taking photos of the family what got me into photography was landscapes and close up / textures / macro. Should I just get a macro lens and not drive myself crazy with the super adjustable lensbaby? Is there some other unique fancy lens I need to get my hands on? Somebody make a decision for me!



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