New Toys

This ‘post a day’ marathon is wearing me out and has probably worn out my internet welcome. Hey I paid for that welcome, deal with it?

No matter. It’s Thursday, the day before Friday.. gateway to the weekend.. day of mediocre television presented as the best the week has to offer.. Thursday.

The boss (my wife not the work one, have I made it clear enough that ‘the boss’ has nothing to do with my job?) usually works late Thursdays so I’m starting to turn it into my hang out night with the boy.. which translates to Chick Fil A dinner. It’s something nice to look forward to.

I polled the FBook audience yesterday for advice on a camera lens, responses were pretty consistent.. so I went 180 and bought some fun lenses. By fun I mean lenses that are almost guaranteed to drive me mad, but I can litter the blogstead with more photos now!

Here’s what I got:

Pinhole lens. No more will I quest for the perfect photo with sharp crips lines, all in focus and whatnot. Full blur. I want you to have to guess what’s in the photo.

Macro extension tubes. Because who doesn’t need a [macro] extension tube? I can’t justify the cost of a macro lens and I can combine these with my other two purchases as well as my existing lens to make shooting even more difficult!

Lensbaby Spark. I’ve had my eye on these guys for a while and the price on this thing is pretty decent. They have a lot of different models, this is the baseline. Completely manual and you cannot lock it into place making it nearly impossible to take a photo. This is sure to be fun.

I departed from my Amazon Prime spend binge and bought this from the good folks at B and H photo. Lenses should show up Saturday, just in time for me to give you a fun Sunday update on how much I have broken each of them.


1 thought on “New Toys

  1. I will be looking forward to a angry rant Sunday


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