The 3 or 4 B’s

Bad News!! My new camera lenses aren’t showing up today. The free expedited shipping does not seem to include weekends. Amazon has spoiled me. 

Good News!! I “helped” chop more trees down this time in the dark and nobody died! 

I spent Friday night in the woods of Goldschlager, VA with Ken from Terrapin Country and a mysterious stranger. Once again we went on a tree murder spree with axes and beer (somebody needs to let these guys know about chainsaws).

Took a break mid rampage for steak, brussels sprouts, and bacon care of our grill master Ken then back to the woods for carnage.

Somehow we managed to take down all of the trees needed for the road. Definitely feeling that today. 

Path in the woods from the second floor.

And it goes on like this..

Technically we were chopping trees down until this morning. Long night.

Little bit of power medicine for the recovery.

And back to the homestead once again. Apparently the boy also had a tough night because he napped like a champ today. Always a good excuse to do nothing.


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