Freedom Isn’t Free, And Neither Is A Free Pool

For today’s presentation I’ve decided to dig into the archives again.

After the boss and I bought our house one of the things we really wanted to add was a pool. Due to a lack of money and a comically high water table, in ground wasn’t really an option so we mostly looked at above ground pools. It turns out there are also very expensive!

So I turned to my good friend Craigslist and started monitoring deals on pools. Finally it showed up. A 27 foot wide barely used beauty for the low low price of free (less some manual labor)! I immediately reached out to the owner and schedule a meet up. I saw it and person and was sold. The payment for the pool was labor to spread new dirt over the hole that the pool would leave behind. I was very up front about the fact that I had zero skills with this sort of thing but that I would work my ass off until they were happy. We had an accord.

Time for a plan. After a little back and forth we settled on the hottest day of the year as a good time to break out the shovels. I gathered my crew (boss, in laws, dad) and began.

I won’t lie.. it sucked. It was way harder than I thought it would be. Drained it, dug it out, disassembled, packed it up, and stuffed it in a trailer and pickup truck. It was way too hot. I ended up taking a day off work because I was feeling miserable from being so sun burnt.

I didn’t take photos but I returned shortly after with a borrowed kubota and did my best to fix the damage. It wasn’t perfect but the home owner’s were happy enough with the effort and sent me on my way.

Here’s what a pool looks like in pieces! Side note.. my grass was green over here at one point. Not sure what I did to ruin that.

Original proposed location via scorched earth. Ended up moving it a little closer to the house.

Fast forward a few weeks and it was time. I got a small dump truck load of sand, some friends and family, and the same borrowed tractor. We drew a nice circle and took turns showing each other that we didn’t have a clue what we were doing.

The family came out to watch and laugh.

I don’t remember how many days or weeks this went on.. but eventually I came to terms with the fact that even if I could make a flat circle there’s no way I could put the pool together. The project went on hold and we cruised in to and through the fall.

Does the Halloween costume give away how long ago this was?

Bob Ross was the man and we all know it.

Finally a small fire capped off the fall.. and we’re back to project pool.

Oh shit there it is. So after contacting many pool guys I finally found a fellow willing to build my pool. He rolled in one morning hung over as hell with the biggest skid steer he had and proceeded to destroy all yard. His crew had the pool up in no time and by day 2 were complete plumbing and all. 

I am thrilled that I could get my pool built in the winter and also that he put it at the exact height I needed for future expansion to the deck. What I’m still not thrilled about is the fact that the walls are put together wrong and that the dude said I needed more sand but then said screw it and didn’t bring any. 

All in all I’d call it a success. I’ve since extended the deck to it making it way more functional. Last year was a major failure in keeping the water clear. We barely used it at all. Hoping for much more success this year. Perhaps even through the use of a Raspberry Pi controlled pool chemical monitoring and distribution system! Or through test strips and bleach.


2 thoughts on “Freedom Isn’t Free, And Neither Is A Free Pool

  1. Fourth of July party!!! And if not, then I’m still coming with s’mores 😁


  2. Hoping to bring it back this year!


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