The Rainy Season Is Upon Us

Today started off right, the boy let me and the boss sleep in until almost 7. In fact I’m pretty sure it was the dogs begging to go out and pee that woke me up, not the screaming child.

We did some proper lounging for a bit then had fried eggs and sprinkle pancakes. The sprinkles were mostly for me. In fact the boy had fried eggs and regular pancakes, I had fried eggs and sprinkle pancakes. 

After breakfast I spent some time surveying our property, the rains have come in force, and my yard now has enough water to be considered tidal and it has a noticeable current.

Thank goodness I stacked all of that wood right where it will be sitting in water.

Pebbles is less than thrilled. GoatCam is still live streaming but it’s more boring than usual at the moment.

I’m not even sure why we built a pool, should have just dug down a foot or two.

Once the survey was complete we packed the family off and went off to a play date followed by some shopping.

My friend got me this super cool mirror that disperses the light from my camera’s built in flash and makes photos super double awesome (Light Scoop – Get it while you can!). Maybe I can stop posting cell phone pictures and start using my actual camera!!

Don’t drink and drive shopping carts folks, a PSA from the boy.

Well people I did it. A week + of posting every day. I believe the quality of my content which I take very seriously has suffered as a result of my over posting. I used to take time to think of clever bs, now I’m just trying to make sure I spit something out every morning or evening. 10’s of people depend on me for 12-15 seconds of moderate amusement and by Jed I intend to provide that.

Starting this week, I’m going to change up how I’m running this thing.. or possibly keep doing things the same way. Either way, things are sure to change or maybe not. 


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