I Recuse Myself From This Blog

Fine whatever.. I don’t know what recuse means, I needed a title. It doesn’t have to make sense it just needs to be a clickable link.

I couldn’t embed the video I wanted to for this Thursday morning, and for some reason this song by Haken was next on the list. Never heard of them. It’s interesting.

So obviously I’ve broken my solemn promise to post every single day for the rest of time. I only have one archived post left and I want to save that for at least a week or so. 

Was hoping to show you how much fun I’ve had with my camera lenses, I have not had much fun with them yet. Need to get out of the house when there is sunlight which happens to be the time that I’m at work. I’ll definitely get out this weekend and won’t sit on my butt watching DIY tv all day long.

Did everybody have a wonderful day of flower giving obligation? The boss got me a bottle of Maker’s Mark so I’m happy until Sunday.

I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to get more people to visit my site. I’ve mostly looked at how to get people in the door and haven’t focused so much on creating better content that would cause somebody to want to stay here. Perhaps a YouTube channel is in the future?! I doubt it, I can’t annunciate.. nobody would know what the Hell I’m saying. It would be a series of 2 minute ramblings that sound like Boomhauer from King of the Hill.

Since I’m not going to post tomorrow.. here’s the docket for the next few days. Bro date with the boy at Chick Fil A tonight, the one the only DARKEST HOUR tomorrow night in Richmond, and hopefully some family hang out time and photo taking fun over the weekend.

There it is. 


1 thought on “I Recuse Myself From This Blog

  1. I laugh at all of your blogs.


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