The Optics

First of all, kick your Friday right in the thigh gap by blasting the Hell out of this gem.

I got to spend a little extra time with the boy yesterday because he has dual leaky eyes which are frowned upon at day care. It was super nice outside and we had to get out for a little slice of the weather. I used the opportunity to try out my new camera lenses. He used the opportunity to stare at the chickens that run my block. I’m pretty sure they could take him.

I’m could probably achieve the effect of both lenses I tested in post, but I do like playing with the new toys. The pin hole is fun, I think that will be cool with battlefield pictures or something similar. The lensbaby is goofy and hard to use but fun to play with as well. 

When I originally created this webpage my intent was solely to share photos. I had zero ambition to blog. It’s nice to get back to photography even if it’s just a tiny bit.

After we were done outside The Boy tried to go back outside.. then changed his mind, but then changed his mind again.. and repeat.

In non photography news I’m headed down to Richmond tonight to lose my voice screaming along with Darkest Hour. Always love seeing those guys. I usually see them somewhere in DC, this will be my first time venturing to tobacco alley to check them out. Friggin pumped.

That’s all for now, hopefully I’ll have something good for you this weekend.


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