Project: Pool

Project: Pool

It’s officially somewhat afoot.  

I know what you’re thinking.. 

  • Why am I here? 
  • Does Jed finish projects? 
  • Is “Project: Pool” the best name you could think of? 

The answers are yes.  

Maybe I haven’t finished Goat Cam, or Goat Feeder, or CJH8.. but screw it. Nice weather will be here in no time and I want the pool ready to go.

Like most of my projects, Project: Pool is loosely defined. The project was born many moons ago over a few beers with Ken from Florida. For some reason (pure laziness) my redneck deluxe pool spent most of last summer a beautiful shade of green making it unusable. I’ve put too much effort into that pool to not use it for a summer. 

Since we’re all about the Pi we thought we could rig up something to monitor pool chemical levels, and distribute chemicals as needed. It’s also going to (maybe) control the pump and have some sort of display or app that shows chemical levels. Turns out somebody has already done the first part (there are no original ideas) so all we have to do is steal his work and do a half assed reproduction. The ‘adding chemicals’ part we had a lot of ideas about. The final iteration was to use a peristaltic pump that keeps the bad stuff out of the pump parts. I’ll admit I’m a little nervous about having a computer decide when to add a little squirt of muriatic acid to the pool jet. I’m not totally sure if/how that will work but I did go ahead and pick up a chlorinator which is basically a bucket of pool pills that water flows through. Helps keep the levels constant vs. adding something every few days and swinging the levels wildly.

Ken and I are going to work on the plumbing this weekend. Hopefully after that we’ll have a better idea of what this project is actually going to be. I’ll post pictures, I know you like pictures. How boring is this post with no pictures? I’d like to thank you for getting this far without visual aids.

Until then.. 


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