Haircuts and Hangovers

Good Morning America and minor outlying nations.

Have I jammed this jam down your throat yet? I’m skipping ahead to where the jammy jam starts but feel free to back track a minute for bonus weirdness. Who knew a fellow named Jed who part time resides in a red shed listened to such not Jed music? 

If the title and cover picture are too scary for you, go with this gem:

It is Wednesday. You may have noticed a reduction in the flood of posts. It’s less about me breaking my fake commitment to the internet and more due to the fact that I’ve been on day care duty every day so I have not been able to produce my standard morning rants.

Rant Engage:

First of all, if you didn’t check out my last post, don’t forget to, it’s “OK”. In a world driven by internet points, I need more points.

Second of all.. I’m dumbfounded that I had no volunteers to clean my shed for me after my post the other day. How can I continue to get 1/3 the way into a project and give up without my ‘maker’ space? I need a table to spread goat feeder out onto so I can not finish it by spring. I need floor space to ignore the CJH8 frame. Help!

What else.. hmm..

The boy and I got hair cuts this weekend. I’m not sure who got the shorter end of that stick. I guess if we’re talking length I did.. since my request somehow translated to “buzz it all off”. I’m trying to make up for this face with a little bit of hair and this does not help!

 Is this how you selfie?
Is this how you selfie?

Other news:

Pool is filled back up but the cover is still on. I’m planning to do some leak tests on the new plumbing and make the pool happy BEFORE the weather is nice this year!

Assuming ol’ Irish doesn’t fail me I’ve got a new toy headed to the homestead for the summer. If you thought I complained about mowing before (come to think of it I’m not sure how much of my mowing woes I shared last year) get ready for this. I can’t spoil what it is, couldn’t bear to disappoint you when it inevitably falls through.

Stay tuned for more posts about nothing, or backtrack and catch up on some reading that you may have missed!


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