Jed Buy’s A ████████

In accordance with Article III Section H Lines 3-15 (except line 7, nobody likes line 7) of ██████████████████████   ███████████████████  this document has been reviewed and censored by  ██████████ for your safety and the safety of  ███████████████. Please enjoy the remaining text.

Holy crap it’s here, that thing that I implied I was getting but told you nothing about! Today █████ brought over my brand new ████████! As my loyal readers know I am a very ████ ████ and I am beyond fed up with my piece of sh██ ██████. Hopefully I get to ██████████ the dump this █████. 

As with any Jed █████ it started with  ███████████████████████████    ███████████████████████████████  ██████████ and then we were off to the █████. We ████████ to ██████████ it and ran temporary ██████. After that we unboxed the ███████ beauty and set up the █████. 

We started ██████ █████ which went way too smooth even with all the mud in my █████. We made it to the front ██████ before we ran out of █████. It’s at this point that I think it’s fair to point out that I █████ my ████ before we started and reviewed the ██████ with █████ but that’s neither here nor there. Somewhere before this sentence ███ from ████████ stopped by to ‘help’. After a ████ and some ████ we set off to █████████████ for █████ and ███████. They didn’t have exactly what we needed so we brought three smaller ████ of ███████ and just figured we’d split the ██████ in half, double the profits!! 

Back to the homestead to find ██████ ███████ parked in the front yard with his ████ in hand. My neighbors love me. The three of us continued the adventure and with maximum heckling completed ██████████ the ████. █████ it all up and set that bastard free. 

With a little (lot of) help we got the ████ all the way █████ the █████ twice! It ████ ███████ for a little while but for now it’s ███████ safely in my ███████. It should go to ████ tomorrow so hopefully it doesn’t ████████████ while I’m gone.

I’ll definitely post progress updates about how ████████████████████ but I just wanted to cover the ██████ for now, figured I’d break it up and drag this one out across the week for your enjoyment. 


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