Camel Day

With all the hate for cigarette advertisement (I’m 15 years late to this party and this joke isn’t funny) I don’t understand how a cigarette brand managed to sponsor one of the 7 days of the week. Happy hump day America. I’ll be here all week.

Before we move into my mindless dribble stitched together from last night and this morning..

YouTube introduced me to this band, I’m paying it forward. Chugaluga. 

I hope you all were able to read my previous post before it was ruined. It pains me dearly to know that one of my most popular posts has been so heavily redacted by the great goddesses of sea and sky that it is essentially a mad lib. Maybe that’s what I should do with my life, revive the late great mad libs. Also what’s an adverb?

It’s March, the month that comes after February. February is that awful month that typically brings us fake spring in preparation for March terribleness. Surprise, it’s raining. I’d tell you about how that thing I bought is holding up in this muck but non-binding non-signed contractural obligations dictate that I do not.

So with that, let’s all hunker down and power through this, we’ll make it through to spring which around here lasts one.. wait? what? it’s over?! It’s summer?!!? Yeah that’s pretty much how it will go. 

I haven’t provided you with a total lack of progress update recently. Sadly that’s just it. Shed is worse than ever, goat feeder is in pieces, goat cam is back online!!!!, CJH8 is buried, pool is setup for future project but I don’t have the extra funds to sink into that one at the moment.

Since we’re talking about projects I’ve made zero recent progress on I may as well expand the list.

  • Project: Straighten out my fence. Cattywampus was a word invented before my fence was built. It’s.. well it’s standing.
  • Project: Goat Pen. 2 projects in and there’s a fence theme. Once my yard is dry enough to support the weight of a vehicle I have to remove the wood pile from the goat pen so they can stop ruining all of my good firewood. If I ever finish that I can put their fence back together so they stop walking over it.
  • Project: Build a 2 car garage addition to the house. We’ll put a pin in that one for now.
  • Project: Make this blog not suck. I’m open to suggestions. Maybe strippers?


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