Kick off Wednesday like a bad ass Frenchman. If you stop at this video and don’t bother with the rest you can avoid disapointment.

To the 10 people (the number has gone up!!) who regularly read my blog posts in hopes that I actually put out good content or at the very least show show improvements in my comprehension of English: Thank You!

If my calculations are correct (iffy.. if you work with me you already know I can’t count) this is post number 50. I never thought I’d make it this far, and I never would have if I hadn’t written 49 posts before this one.

Why I’m Reading redshedjed

I’m hoping by number 100 I’ll have something resembling a theme. Maybe a reason for people to click other than sheer boredom and morning curiosity. Don’t count on it. Keep clicking. There’s always hope.

Until then..


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