Obligatory Friday Post (NOW WITH PUKE!)

Kick your Friday off with some trigger happy violin backed drums. Music is weird.

Wednesday night the boy had a wonderful lasagna dinner. Great fun and messes were had by all.

Later that night over about five or six sessions the boy expelled his dinner onto various surfaces, people, and dog. He chose a pretty bad night to do it since we’re trying to get out of the habit of tossing him in our bed when he’s upset.. which means ignoring his cries for help. Nothing makes you feel like a great parent quite like ignoring your kid crying for help because he’s surrounded by sick. Besides ignoring the desperate pleas of the boy I was actually pretty proud about how the boss and I handled it. Lot of late night laundry and cleanup but by about 1AM the boy was empty and the family was back to sleep for the remainder. Hooray for small victories.

This is what I’m reduced to, writing about puke. And if you thought this wasn’t worth your time.. just wait til I post about my fence. Every good shed needs a fence. 



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