Have You Hugged Your Goat Today?

I know I know, I told you I was going to post about a fence. And I’m very confident you set aside time to read about my fence. Here’s the thing.. I had a fairly enjoyable day so rather than write about a fence (it’s the only one I have in my drafts right now) I’ll give you the recap of my day. And yes if you saw the few pictures on Instagram you pretty much got the run down.

But before we got to today – my dog made a new friend yesterday (brother’s new dog) and that’s nice because she’s a big butt head who has very few friends.

The Boy and I kicked off the day early by attempting to finish our sleep on the couch which turned into us watching Planet Earth 2 which inevitably ended up in him passed out on the big couch and me curled up trying to fit on the love seat. One scene I caught before I passed out for an entire episode was from episode 1 when little baby iguanas were hatching and running for their lives from many many snakes. They took my recurring nightmare and showed me the real version. Absolutely freaking terrifying. And if you thought I was going to leave you just with that crappy description.. no. Watch it. Right there, down one line, click the thingy. I’ll wait.

After I didn’t wake up from my not nightmare The Boss, The Boy, and I hauled off to the local playground which we all thoroughly enjoyed. I left my phone in the car so I actually had to spend time enjoying myself instead of attempting social media gold. While The Boy was thrilled with the playground it was the sight of a skate park and me pulling him away from it that ruined his morning.

From there we went to find the newly opened ‘Game Store’ which took a couple circlings of a parking lot and Google street view search to locate. It’s only been open a week and considering that I really like it. Table top games aren’t my thing but I like what they’re going for which is just a big area to come in and enjoy games with friends and family. They of course also sell games. I hope it sticks around. We bought ‘7 Wonders’ and then moved on to the grocery store. I won’t tell you about the grocery store.

Back home The Boy took a nap and we tried out the game. I just barely beat The Boss 2 games in a row and unbelievably I think we almost have a grip on how to play it. 

Toward the end of the second game The Boy woke up and showed us he was growing up. He got up silently and tried to sneak out the front door. Then when he realized we saw him he brought over his coat and shoes and demanded to be let out. Can’t get between a boy and his goats.

Had some good play time outside then back in for dinner and bed which allowed for one more round of the game. I am currently the undefeated household champion, a title that will restrict that game to the shelf for the rest of time.

I guess we’ll have to buy another next week.


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