Goodnight Sweet Prince

Monday never saw this one coming:

Welcome back! You probably didn’t notice that I haven’t been cramming links down your throat for the past week. I’ve been even less inspired than usual. Today isn’t exactly an exception but I figured I’d muster a few words together.

So.. not a whole lot to talk about from the weekend. Had a ‘family game night’ at my brother’s house Friday. Went back to the local game store Saturday and actually managed to play a game with The Boss while The Boy tried to eat legos in the corner. We also went to check out the demise of Toys R Us, mostly 10% off at this point. Have to admit I am a little bummed to see it go. Sunday Ken from Eastconsin and I hauled off to the nerd mega center to buy more Raspberry Pi’s. We also went to check out the demise of another Toys R Us. I’m going to go back when the liquidators take over and try to buy the giant hang gliding Geoffrey that’s hanging up in one of the nearby stores. Was also thinking the Thomas train displays would make cool bed ends. Such a dad..

If I haven’t already shared pictures of my little plastic pond I probably will in the next few days. I’ve got to rekajigger it so it doesn’t empty all of it’s water. The level is super low after I left the pump running overnight. I’m lucky (or hoping) the pump didn’t burn out. That seems like an achievable goal. Let’s go with that. Of course I can’t refill the the thing because it’s 20 something degrees out and my hoses are frozen solid. Survive little fishies!!!


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