Pills Are Good!

Happy Wednesday, Get Weird

The following music video presentation is brought to you buy MikeCookGuys Podcast and The Mike and Mori Podcast. The content after the video is probably less endorsed by the sponsors, but they never specified what they did or didn’t want their name associated with so.. you get the pills and weird metal. I mean it was that or goats.. what do you want from me.

News everyone!

I slept last night. It was great, it has been a while since I’ve done that. And it’s all thanks to my new best friend.

But I thought I was your best friend?! 

Oh alcohol, I think I’m free Friday let’s catch up then.

Where was I? Lost my train of thought with that interruption.

Oh right. Sleep! I finally tried the wonderful little pill I’ve heard so much about. Melatonin! Apparently it’s something you need to sleep! And if your body is too broken from years of abuse to make it itself you can buy the stuff and insert it manually. Whatever the justification, it worked. It worked really well.. If you’re reading this don’t break into my house at night, I won’t wake up.

So what am I going to do with this newfound energy coming off a full night of sleep? Maybe I won’t hit the 11AM wall until noon? 1PM even? Perhaps I’ll enter the workplace with a bright shiny new attitude and spread the happiness to my coworkers? 


Coworkers, if you are reading this, prepare for renewed and enhanced anger. If you thought I was a grumpy shit at work because of the lack of sleep you were wrong. That’s actually my personality, and a full night of sleep is going to bring the full me out to shine. It’s going to be a great day at the office. 

At least it’s a short week.


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