Another post from Jed, now with moving pictures [FEATURING SOUNDS]!

Wow it’s been like a week since we chatted. Did you miss me? 

What’s been going on since we last spoke? Not a whole bunch, but here’s the highlights.

Irish and I went to see Leprous, The Dear Hunter, and Between the Buried and Me last Thursday. Traffic sucked, it took an extra hour to get there, we completely missed Leprous and the beginning of Dear Hunter’s set. Here’s a bit from their interlude:

I really enjoyed The Dear Hunter. Never seen them before but they thoroughly impressed and I’ll definitely go see them again if they’re nearby.

Between the Buried and Me.. well.. they’re just awesome. If you haven’t seen them before, I would describe their show as exhausting and mildly confusing. Their music is out there, and their show is a blast.

Here’s a few low quality videos I recorded on my potato:

Irish timed their encore song, 17 minutes. Not bad.

What else what else..

Let’s see I continued to embrace my maturity by buying another lego set.

The Boss and I continued our descent into nerd-dom with another trip to the local game store (quickly becoming my favorite place to go on a weekend). 

The boy demonstrated a stair climbing technique that could rival Bear Grylls. 

Ken from a melting polar icecap and I went to Guitar Center and I didn’t buy any of these modestly priced piles of awesome.. but I wanted to.

 This is probably the coolest bass I've seen. Strings were rubber or plastic, sounded really neat.
This is probably the coolest bass I’ve seen. Strings were rubber or plastic, sounded really neat.
 TSHJ unplugged
TSHJ unplugged

And that pretty much sums it up. Next project that should be on here (I know.. I said fence, don’t worry I’ll get to it) will be a milk stand for the goats so I can lock them in place and trim their hooves!

Until tomorrow, or next week, or whenever I get to posting again..


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