Some freshness for your Friday:

I have a Fender Squier Strat which I’m pretty sure I got in middle school. It was my cousin’s, and it came to me with all of it’s pieces in tact. 3 cheesy pickups, knobs, and the whatnot. It has been through a lot of hack job modifications since. Here is the latest!

The before shot, my latest variant featured an EMG-81 at the bridge and Duncan Designed something something jazz ish pickup at the neck. Lovely combo of active and passive.. totally meant to be. 2 volume knobs, 2 tone knobs, and the original 5 way selector switch which only worked at the top or bottom setting.

I bought the pickups many moons ago from a good friend who recently passed away. Wish he was here to give me shit for not scrapping this heap. 

As for the artwork.. let’s move on.

The new parts bin. The whole reason I decided to work on this thing is because I broke a tuner (a few years ago). So here we have new tuners from Amazon (nice find by Ken from Guitar Center), super hateful strings that hurt to use, and a battery case to keep that EMG alive.

Guitar gutted!!!

The brains of the operation, snip snip

Deciding on the new layout. One pickup. One volume. All hate.

Tuners removed, holes reamed, minor damage done, new tuners installed!

Skip some of the boring bits.. and here we are! Freshly and poorly wired Squier with way too fat strings (E barely fit through tuner) and the tone of a spoiled hamburger. 

To be fair.. I only worked on this damn thing so I could post a project again. It’s been a while! 

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