You smell that Rabbit?

Before I get started – I want you to know you can breathe easy, I just restarted the goat cam.. phew. 

Also.. rock out, it’s Monday.

This post is being written on my wife’s shiny new slightly used Chromebook that I immediately confiscated for my own use. Still trying to figure out how to use it.. so any errors or low quality content is the result of using this laptop.

My yard currently smells like goat and rotting vegetation. It’s partially a good thing because it means we’re getting closer to pool season! I’ve started draining and cleaning off the pool cover. Lots of lovely green wet leaves. Of course they’re too heavy to bag and I don’t want to add to the pile in the back of the yard where the county is working on my water line.. so I’ve spread them out next to the side fence line to dry and waft toward the neighbors.

I ordered all of the fun chemicals to open the pool, stand by for pictures of the green water underneath the cover. Fingers crossed I can pull the cover without dropping it in the pool this year.

 Getting there!!
Getting there!!

While the great stinkification was going down my dog was hunting through the swamp that is my yard and found a little tiny snake. She murderized it. Well mostly. Ken from Dowat?kanda and I attempted to mercy kill the snake and put it out of it’s misery, it did not go well. For fear of retribution from a bored 4 letter organization I’ll just say the snake is now dead. 

Sadly Ella did not leave the snake battle unharmed..

Just kidding, Ella and her big sister Vivian decided to get in a battle royale and tore each other up in the backyard. Very glad the boy was not outside to get caught in that mess. After a short kennel time out and a spray down with the hose the dogs made up and were outside limping together again. I think they’ll survive.


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