Did Somebody Call A Plumber?

So the sink/shower/toilet combo unit in my 3’x4′ master bathroom hasn’t wanted to drain properly for 4 or 5 years. Past few days it decided not to drain at all. 

What do I do about it? Think up another problem that maybe I could not fix and focus on that. The problem? Toilet makes a clunking sound when it flushes. 2 Seconds of googling told me all of my vents are stuffed with squirrels.

To the roof!

The man above was inspired. Full of hope. They’re just pipes sticking out of the roof, how hard could this be? Snaked 1, no problem, 2 no problem, 3? No problem. #4, the main, the big daddy. Oh I should mention, no indication of a blockage on the first 3. So #4, I started to shove the snake down the pipe and let it go thinking it’ll stop when it’s good and ready.

You know.. you know when you have a coil of rope? And you toss the coil of roof off of something with a little height. And the weight of the falling rope rips the rest of the rope down with the quickness? Yeah, that entire snake zipped out in 2 seconds leaving me with an empty blue plastic tool wondering if the snake made it all the way to the septic tank.

That little bastard behind me was my only hope. It’s ok, it’s only 60 years old, how stuck could it be?

So very stuck. Used a razor knife to remove the paint. Couple PB blaster soakings to loosen it up. And then the pathetic display of inability to loosen the plug using a fairly large wrench. On to the impact gun. Nothing. Finally the breaker bar.

Nailed it.

Target acquired. Listen, I suck at the youtube. I have a video of the snake removal. It’s not that good, and it’s taking to long to edit. Here’s a photo. Trust me I pulled the damn thing out, and put the cap back on.

So, everything back to square one. Went upstairs, tore apart the sink drain which immediately fell apart. Off to Home Depot for parts, back to the house, put it together and leaks galore. New fix, turn off the water, walk away slowly. Maybe next time?


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