Green Pool Is Blue

Oh Monday, even with nicer weather you still suck.

Let’s reduce the suck, please see the below attached video for your enjoyment and/or confusion. Then we’ll get into the banter.

Now that we got through that..

First of all, I realize you have been on the edge of your seats waiting for follow up on my plumbing disaster. Truth is I can’t face it and the sink in my master bath still doesn’t work. Surprised? Me neither. This could be the week.

I did however pull the cover off of the pool. That’s kind of a nerve racking process, it’s a decently big cover and with a railing going around more than half of the pool I can only get to it from one side. So I tie the long pool stick thingy to the rope that goes around the cover and pull it across folding it like a taco. The trick is not to take on water.. This go round was 100% successful. 

Pool had a little green tint and some crud in it from where the cover blew off this fall, but overall it looked good. Happily, it’s already blue!!

Besides pool we had some playground time..

..a vet trip because there was just too much money in the bank account..


…and a trip further out into the sticks to hang out with family. Good Stuff.

What’s on the docket for this week?

1 thing.



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