A Series of Jedfortunate Events

Look away dear readers look away, for you will only find despair and darkness here.

Oh wait no, Jed’s boy, isn’t he cute?

There is no more cuteness in this post. If you came for happiness and inspiration, a wonderful tale of success, or the promise of better posts you will be left with a feeling far worse than emptiness.

There is no happy ending when Jed starts a project.

Each project is a spiraling rabbit hole intertwined with remnants of previous failure. 

Today’s project started a few weeks back. 

It all started with a sink that refused to flow. Read the last few posts to catch up before going forward. Don’t worry.. I’ll wait.

Today Jed was inspired, he stopped in at his local non-licensed homeowner supply store and bought parts necessary to finish the great sink project.

Jed needed a new tool to clean the terribly stinky corroded pipe end in hopes the new fitting would thread.

He also bought the necessary pipe fittings, less one of course as always.

Little did he know that disaster was only minutes away. After realizing that plan D would not work Jed disassembled a section of the pipe only to find the corrosion visible outside of the wall was much worse inside the wall.

‘Holy Balls!’ he exclaimed.

He then cut a hole in the closet wall to see the pipe from the other side. 4 nails the drywaller attempted to put through that dreaded drain pipe.

There was only one thing left to do. Remove the sink in a fit of rage in preparation for phase V, ‘Make Total Destroy’.

I warned you but my warning you refused to heed. There is no fairy tale ending to the story of Jed’s plumbing woes. Heartbreak and misery are all that Jed found lurking within the rotting steel pipes. 

I will tell you, if the preceding despair was not enough for your appetite then stick around, this story has not yet concluded.

-Jedomy Snicket

1 thought on “A Series of Jedfortunate Events

  1. Elizabeth Jones Thompson May 19, 2018 — 1:56 am

    I love the zork reference. It’s how I know you’re my child. And how interesting (sad?) COOL that your only comment thus far is from your mother. 😋😎🤔🤗😁


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