Quit Bitchin and Get Fixin

Welcome to Part 5.

After an evening of sulking and drinking away my plumbing failures I awoke with a plan. Despite the title I did not quit bitchin, but I did get fixin. 

Before we get into that, let’s recap.

I have a sink in the master bath. It has never drained well. The solution for 5 or so years has been an occasional dose of caustic gel but that band aid was not big enough. It was finally time for a much larger band aid.

Part 1 – Jed explores the limitations of a drain snake

Part 2 – Jed makes a bad thing worse

Part 3 – Jed cuts a hole in the wall

Part 4 – Jed has a mental breakdown

Now that you’ve completed your assigned reading I have good news! It’s fixed! Or at least.. I haven’t seen a catastrophic failure yet. Give it time.

I pulled a lot of hair out and did a lot more snaking. Cut out another section of steel pipe. Added more thread tape to every connection. And put it all back together. 

I’ll report in tomorrow when the whole damn thing catches on fire.

Until then..


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