Just When You Thought The Plumbing Was Fixed

Happy Monday!

Should this post arrive to you later than Monday, it’s probably because I didn’t write or post it until Tuesday.

Get Weird (This beauty brought to you by a coworker of mine)

Just because my master bath sink is ‘fixed’ doesn’t mean I’m done spamming you with plumbing problems. I fired up the pool pump Sunday evening so I could vacuum the crap out of the bottom. A geyser promptly formed around the pump. I turned it off as quickly as I could and found a pipe had blown apart. But it didn’t break, it just separated.

You may notice that the edge of the pipe is very clean. Almost looks like it was never glued. This thing has been running for a few weeks at pressure without leaking. Science.

Have you ever hired a drunk to mow your lawn?

This is my lawn. I didn’t hire a drunk, but I probably should have. This story to unfold later..

The boy got a super cool new toy courtesy of a family on freecycle. You may notice it looks a lot like a dollhouse. You would be dead wrong. It is an action hero activity center and it’s awesome.

And to close out this less than satisfactory post, here’s me and the boy at our family cabin where we hung out with just about the whole family this weekend. We had an awesome time.


3 thoughts on “Just When You Thought The Plumbing Was Fixed

  1. I can’t unhear that music Andy.


  2. I’m on track 5 now. Fully weird and drawn in at this point.


    1. Pure magic


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