Does a Bear Crap in the Woods?

A bear does crap in the woods, after it’s done perusing your campground for milk duds and scaring the crap out of everybody (except for those who opted to sleep through it.. aka this guy).

The Boss and I took the Boy camping this weekend for his first time! And it rained! A lot!

Despite the rain, the bear, and the fact that the campground tore out our bathroom/shower house we had a good time. It’s always nice to get away from the house even if it’s for a day or so. 

One fascinating thing I learned from our group.. if it were just the guys out camping the bear would have come and gone and we would have found out in the morning. The reason everybody woke up is because all of the respective wives alerted husbands with some variation of “THERE’S A BEAR OUTSIDE!”. The bear apparently came and went a few times, knocking over coolers and putting holes in canopies. No injuries to report.

Finally made it over to the InBev compound known as Devil’s Backbone. I definitely have to go back, I imagine it’s more enjoyable when the rain is not horizontal. Despite the monsoon the place was completely packed so it’s obviously a popular spot. Next time!

Now for you enjoyment, photos from the fun!

 The campground at the top of the hill
The campground at the top of the hill
 Quick overlook stop 
Quick overlook stop 

Getting this kid down for a nap was a feat, at least the wake up was hilarious.


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