#75# Happy Friday and The Whatnot

Jed reporting in for blog post #75. That’s if my counting is correct.. and if you work with me and know anything about me.. you know that I cannot count. I’ve never been able to. Don’t tell the customers.

But Jed you just posted last night! The Hell?

Full Friday maturity.

Now enjoy this newly uploaded madness from Polyphia. Weird and wonderful.

When I opened the browser window I had something to write about and I promptly forgot. Let’s be honest, all I’m doing here is avoiding going to work for another few minutes, and so are you. This blogger readee relationship has been a sham this whole time hasn’t it?

Actually the numbers indicate otherwise.

Thanks for making May awesome in the ol’ chart department. Let’s keep it going. Perhaps a vlog or podcast is in the future?! If you thought my rants were unintelligible written down you should hear me talk. 

Since we’re supposed to get 3 more inches of rain this weekend, you may see some good watersport posts from the backyard of the Shed Red Jed. Tune in next time.


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